Monday, December 17, 2007

it's beginning to look a lot like winter!

on saturday, sig was all snug on the couch with a cold, so the boyz and i pressed on with the plans we'd already made to go downtown for a holiday pilgrimage. i must admit i was quite proud of the three of us - we showed a heightened degree of stamina and cooperation while braving the cold, wind, snow, Bush protestors, street drummers, crowds, and an hourly wrestle with snow pants, gloves, hats, long underwear...each time we made a pit stop. we were fueled by holiday spirit not to mention regular infusions of hot chocolate, cookies, and chocolate bar sections which were rationed throughout the day. we visited macy's, saw the nutcracker windows, watched my niece jennifer skate in their holiday show at daley plaza, saw a policeman on horseback, visited a fire station, and toured the lobby of the wrigley building at ethan's request. kola and ethan compensated for my restriction of their beverage intake (see pit stop above) by eating white! snow from various gross urban fixtures - bridge railings, newspaper boxes, lampposts... i was very impressed that during the 11 blocks of walking, there was no complaining (ahem, santa) and the train ride was an all-around favorite.

we're had some good news from kola's eye doctor in that the glasses seem to be doing the trick - there may be no patching or surgery on the horizon. we're going for a 2nd opinion later this week, and are hoping for the same prognosis. this is the final week of his therapies and since he did not qualify for any further services (more good news!) we'll be relying on the park district for personal growth and fun. we've signed up for music, gym, art, and basketball/baseball. since he'll be 3 on 1/5, he'll be able to do a few 3-5 y.o. classes with ethan.

we're gearing up for the holidays and kola is just as excited about that as he is with everything else. he doesn't quite know what's in store, but he and ethan have been doing the advent countdown calendar, reading books, decorating, baking, and making regular trips to target-- something's in the works...ethan is probably even more excited about our winter trip up north to afterglow and even tho it's still weeks away, he's started packing for that. ethan is a snowshoeing/ice fishing/downhill skiing veteran and the boyz have been practicing their sledding techniques so there's even more to look forward to. "and kola," ethan exclaimed, "afterglow has a slide!" if you've gone down a metal slide on a cold day in snowpants, you'll know it rivals a rollercoaster!

hope you have a wonderful holiday - we'll post again after christmas!! ho ho ho b/s/e/k

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