Monday, April 14, 2008

spring, anyone??

blue w/flu

our now farther-away-friend, caroline

just when i thought we were springing into the season of outdoor play and good health, ethan, kola and i got hit with the "real" flu. i used to scoff at the vaccinations, but i guess i've never had the flu before, and certainly not with two energetic kids. two weeks later and i'm finally feeling nearly normal. "luckily" the kids got it too, right about the same time as me, otherwise i'm sure sig would have come home each night to find me tied to the chair and easter candy wrappers scattered throughout the house. as it was, he had to take two days off work because i literally could not get out of bed. on day three, ethan, kola and i watched 5 hours of videos. kola now can vaccinate a cow and ethan can do a tune-up on a john deere 4-cylinder tractor. who says tv isn't educational?

on a sad note, a few of our newest and dearest friends moved off woodbine - see caroline in photo above. what i wish i had was a pic in one of her classic looks - playing ball or cars in a frilly pink skirt and cowboy boots. we'll miss the whole family and hope to road trip to see them after they're settled.

we're all counting the seconds until spring feels like it's finally here. every day, the boyz get on their light jackets, run out, and run back in to put on the heavy ones again. spring is late and no one knows that better than a preschool boy. every now and then we still find flurries in the air and ice on the vehicles. after the brief warm-up a couple weeks ago, i told the boys summer was over and winter's coming again and i think they half believed it. more indoor outings included reptile fest, where kola liked the turtles best and asked to take home a ball-cobra (please can i have it?? yes, when you're 20). kola also spent quite a bit of time stalking the brookfield zoo employee dressed as a giant frog - i have new found respect for people in character costumes. kola almost tripped the poor guy's frog feet tagging along behind/beside/on him. ethan had a keen eye for spotting poop in the cages and preferred the "big ones (reptiles that is!)" and enjoyed feeding grapes to the iguanas. after all that, we went to a pub for dinner and i could only fathom eating the salad.

since i'm also keeping this blog as a journal for the boys, i have to mention two favorite quotes of ethan's: mom, are you in charge of the world?; mom i have 30 hundreds of questions, but i can't ask them all because it would take billions of days. ethan is also quite proud of his 'new' room which is definitely quite the big boy pad - with a desk, loft bed, big bookcase, fold-out chair for overnites, and new big boy dresser sans-a changing table. i'm sure a brochure will be coming out soon - he's dragged many friends and neighbors in for a tour and kola also likes to play docent. call to arrange a viewing time!! for extra credit, bring your ikea catalog - find page numbers for 4 or more items and get a prize!! xo b/s/e/k

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