Sunday, July 6, 2008

road trip!

checking out indy

happy passengers

visiting friends!

although the blog has been quiet, it's only because our last few weeks have been all but... first was a road trip ethan and i took to indianapolis to visit our friends laura, pat, colin, brendan, and caroline. we had such a great time catching up, relaxing with our friends, staying up too late, catching fireflies, swimming, and touring a new city. we loved indy which is a great town - and was only overshadowed by the time we spent with our friends there. we walked and ate our way through the town, visited a wonderful park and natural area, and ethan spent hours acquainting himself with the 3-car garage and its accompanying remotes and buttons. the barn-buster was their house's intercom system. i can't believe ethan hasn't already requested one for christmas.

other summer fun includes the revival of VOW (volleyball on woodbine,) an outdoor concert with the flemmings and other friends, slip and slide (or in ethan and kola's case, slip and fall,) kiddieland, and our vacation last week in michigan. wouldn't be fair to post about that before the pics arrive. promise to get those done asap - check back soon! xo, b/s/e/k

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