Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Das Vote

We're all decked out in red-white-and-blue today, and Ethan posted our "I voted" stickers on the door. It's hard to believe that when the presidential candidates tossed their hats in the ring, we didn't yet have a date to travel to meet Kola!!

I'll leave this non-partisan, since we have dear friends favoring different sides, but I had to throw in this voting story: I went to the polls with Kola in tow. Always wanting to know what's happening next, I told Kola to bring his Thomas book, we're going to vote and we might be in line for a little while. "Boat!!! What boat??" he repeated loudly as we were entering the polls. I explained, no, there's no boat, we're getting a piece of paper with names on them and we have to vote for people to do certain jobs. This was completely tuned out as he tried to flush out more info. on the boat. "Will it be a long line? Where's the water? What boat?" Luckily, there were cookies at the polls, so he wasn't completely disappointed. On the way back to the car he said, "no boat. vote. vote?" yes, vote.

;) b/s/e/k

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