Saturday, April 28, 2007

ta da!

through the miracles of modern science and the ingenuity of alexander graham bell, I, with very limited computer knowledge have set up a blog. I or my IT adept husband will attempt to update this during our trip to ukraine. thanks for checking!!


imaburdin said...

Whooo Hooo!!!

We are looking forward to hearing about your progress.

Best of luck!

Laura said...

Very impressive... we'll be checking in. Dopobachenniya!

-The Donahue's

kcflemming said...

this is great- we'll have our very own "where in the world are beth and sig?" homepage.

what an experience... and a great way to keep a connection to your friends and family.

best wishes from the flemmings!

Shelley Uhler said...

Around our house, we are calling this "Beth & Sig's excellent adventure." Our very best wishes on a smooth and successful trip. How about, if it's a girl--Shelley, and if it's a boy--Shelley!

Ms. Bonnie said...

I don't know Shelley but I like the name. I guess we have to consult Ethan. I'm looking forward to news.
Ms. Bonnie