Saturday, May 5, 2007

bon voyage

(all the prompts are in russian, which explains my last post!) had an entertaining journey here on LOT airlines thru warsaw then kiev - they played a coldplay live concert, duran duran reuinion concert at wembley, and a movie with mcdreamy! (grey's anatomy for the uninitiated) dubbed in polish. Read the rolling stone 40h anniversary issue which i highly recommend (thanks for the inflight mags Marjorie and stephan!).

our facilitator and his wife picked me up at the airport and gave me lots of great info and brought me to our apt that we'll be in for at least a couple days. it's in the heart of a wonderful old section of town and overlooks independence square. i haven't been able to figure out the payphones - our cell phone comes tomorrow. but knowing the russian alphabet so far has helped me figure out about a 1/3 of the signs i see. i can only say please, thank you, where's the bathroom, and order something in a quanity of three, so i need to brush up on my vocab. a lot of things i see has reminded me of people back home - wish i could list them all here!

got a snack about an hour ago - pancake (like a square crepe), a local beer, and fruit for less than $5 at the potato house. sig will be here tomorrow afternon then we'll be off to our sda appt. monday. will try to take pics and post them later (aka with sig's help). i'm itching to do some touring - some great old architecture is right out the window here and they skies are blue....more soon. xo bb

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Shelley Uhler said...

Glad you got there safely. In your current predicament, needing to order things in 3xs, pls stay away from the "wodka." Everything fine at home.