Wednesday, June 27, 2007

settling in...

ok it feels like i posted only a few days ago, but time is really flying! we've been 2 steps forward and one step back on many fronts, but all in all, i think it's going remarkably well after (as sig reminds me) just over 2 weeks. kola is soaking everything up - trying some new food, using new words, and using new tactics to get what he wants. luckily, i've already been road tested by a 2-y-old before and have plenty of support from friends and sig - consistency, consistency, especially for a curious 2-y-old who's getting a whole new environment and set of rules. he really seems to like it here and loves woodbine and ethan and gives me many hugs and smiles. the first words out of kola's mouth this morning were 'hi ethan' and i had to stop him from going into ethan's room and waking him up. and now with the monitor on, i'm hearing him drift off to sleep, "ethan, mama, ethan, mama..." (knock on wood) ethan seems to have turned a corner on the big brother circuit. he's been more patient and helpful and less defensive. the boys are having a lot more fun together and today ethan said - "this is a fun day after all!"

i think it's helped to add some new toys into the house - aunt julie/mark/jennifer/ andrew brought enough toy cars to make a traffic jam, and we've added a sit and spin, a new garage/car wash/car ramp extravaganza, toy remote, toy phones (each boy usually has one ringing playphone in his hand for a good part of the day). kola has discovered joy in flavored yogurt, applesauce, popsicles, and goldfish. his new words are 'oh my gosh', all done, hot, mine, no no no no no, and come on ethan. we're still employing time outs which seem to be gradually curbing his attempts to futz with the stereo, play with the buttons on the a/c, cross the street by himself, and pull on cords. he loves the blowdryer and vacuum and the other day i left the house for a minute to toss out some garbage and came back to find both boyz wrestling the vacuum out of the hall closet. their deer in the headlights look was enough to crack me up.

i've been trying to get myself in a new routine and thought i was doing pretty well until i dropped ethan off at preschool only for him to point out to me that he still had his night diaper on. then i showed up at my friend kelly's house down the block to drop off a b-day card only to realize 1/2 way there that i had two different colored shoes (saving grace they're both the same but a pair in black and brown), the t-shirt i'd slept in the nite before (the shirt i'd worn earlier that day had been soiled - i'll spare you the details), and my workout pants from the a.m. at the gym. quite a fright - definitely a new mom of two toddlers look which won't be seen on 'america's next top model.'

look for an update in the next week! xo b/s/e/k

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