Sunday, July 8, 2007

Beach Boyz

We're settling back in after a week at a cottage we rent each year in Sawyer, MI. Here's a pic of Ethan beaching during kola's nap - where he noted that the beach is more fun when kola's there. a heartwarming breakthru. we got lots of pics of E & K, but almost all on my film camera... It was a relaxing yet busy week, but with wonderful weather, we were able to enjoy the beach every day. lots of digging, splashing, water transport, sandy snacks, rock gathering, dam building/destruction/repairs, irrigation, exploring, chase -- you get the picture.

we had a great day at warren dunes with mike and liz and their clan + shari and her daughter. and my parents spent a couple nites with us and had some great time with the kids - it was so nice to have a long visit & chat and they introduced kola to the joys of ice cream, cupcakes, and sandcastles. grandpa found kola's rough and tumble side which earned big belly laughs and he toasted ethan's marshmallows just right. grandma brought her patented big hugs for the boyz. we set up the tent, made campfires, visited a train museum, watched the boats, played in the hammock. kola really had no trouble settling in and only protested coming into the house for sleep or sitting down to eat. did i mention i've lost 3 pounds in the 4 weeks he's been here?

the first word kola says in the morning is 'ethan' - they've become good friends and still test us and each other. but every day is getting a little more fun with gradually less time spent 'reviewing the rules.' the boys share a passion of electronics, interactive buttons of all kinds, and vehicles of all sizes and shapes. today they spent at least an hour riding the block on their big wheels.

the next two weeks we have 2 groups coming from early intervention to see how he's doing and if he needs any help to catch up. i'm thinking they might target just language for him, but i am amazed at the number of words he's already learned - the latest are 'not yet' (i never realized how much i say that!) and shelley next door taught him 'nice' and 'gentle' as he pet her dog maxwell. he likes language and tries to teach me a few ukrainian words and laughs when i say them - i guess it's my chicago accent. thanks for checking in, more to come!! b/s/e/k

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