Monday, July 23, 2007

summer fun

we've been getting into the swing of summer and since kola seems to love (and not be overwhelmed by) every field trip we take, we've been able to do some of our "old" favorites. kiddieland was a bit hit - so big in fact that my dad and i had to literally drag kola off his first ride. i didn't have the language established with him yet to figure out how to explain that you have to get off the ride to get back in line again to get back on, so my dad had to go in one side of a ride's train car and i had to go into the other to fish him out. but once we were able to show him more! more! he and ethan proceeded to go on rides, and rides, and rides for about 4 hours. when we were leaving the park, kola gave me 4 big hugs and kisses, which i think was his way of saying "this was the best day yet!" we all also experienced our first silent card ride ever, on the way home. i couldn't tell if their heads were spinning or they were just exhausted. ethan also had his first Tums that nite after eating an entire bag of cotton candy!

the zoo was also a big hit, where kola showed much enthusiasm for the diving seals (boat! boat!) and the safari ride (machina!) and the goats (barka!=dog), well, we'll get to the english names for animals sometime soon. ethan did a great job of showing him around and teaching him about the animals. we went with our friends lori and adrianne (her daughter, ethan's age) who were also patient and helpful in getting everyone herded in one direction. kola is teaching me more words and learning more every day, so i'm feeling more comfortable with the outings. he's learning more about rules, and staying with me, and when to stop, so he actually did stop when the motor safari started moving, actually did stop climbing under the fence to pet the tiger (cataka!=cat), and actually did come back to me even when something more interesting was up ahead. none of which would have happened the first week we were here.

altho it does sound like things are getting progressively easier, it's always 2 steps forward and one step back - my friends (and neighbors) jen and kelly were here for one of my harder days on earth a few days ago when the doorknob in kola's room fell off and we were all locked in there for an hour, just after i had to practically drag kola home from the park leaving friends to pick up a trail of kids and plastic vehicles. but it is still remarkable how well things are going and how fast kola is learning. but every new day as a family of four is becoming more fun and less about laying out the rules and playing referee. the weather has been so fantastic we've been lucky with run around time and adventures. more soon, thanks for reading! b/s/e/k

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