Sunday, August 3, 2008


go speed racer, go!

skipper and gilligan

"after the log ride hill, you should downshift..."

to the moon!

lollapalooza by day

shari, me, radiohead, and 75,000 of our closest friends

this could quite possibly be the only blog that tries to compare and contrast kiddieland and lollapalooza. let's compare: someone threw up at the park, there was a lot of walking back and forth and going in circles, it was loud and hot, it seems expensive to get in, and a good time was had by all...but kiddieland had far better bathrooms, lollapalooza had far better food and beverages, and no one tried to bum a cigarette off me at kiddieland.

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Mr. Daddy said...

So I'm guessing the people watching was probably about even. Drooling people at both places doing crazy stuff. But how did the music compare? Wacky carnival music vs. Radiohead/NIN/Rage? Really seems to be an easy choice...