Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From zzzzzzzzero to 60

friends for how many years?!?

faster, faster! racing a freighter in IN

Although time rushes by, we were able to make it stand stiller for a weekend in Indiana with BFFs. Ethan and I took a road trip to spend time with four of my friends, and five of their kids. Lots of laughs, reminiscing, food, and beach time was had by all. It was so great to catch up for a couple of days and share ideas, and the kids all really enjoyed each other and some end-of-summer fun. The past few weekends we've spent with friends have reminded us about what's important, how lucky we are, and how much fun can be had in the slow lane;)

A day and a half later, Ethan was still a little groggy from the late night hide-and-go seek, literally falling out of bed at the beach house, and sugar buzzes that postponed sleep. We had to rack him out of the loft bed or he would have dozed through his first day of kindergarten. We woke him a little later than we should, only because sig and i were racing around getting ourselves ready so we could be 'pit crew'. Aside from an early meeting or appt. about once every six months, we NeveR set our alarm (I know, lucky us) but at 6:45 we started our drill. Ethan was summoned at 7:15 for a 7:40 departure. Just enough time to fill him up with a donut and sausage (power breakfast!) - he was chewing as I buttoned his shirt. He laid on the couch while I strapped on his shoes, but he was very excited to be a part of the mix, after watching so many others on our block go before him. It was a glorious morning and Ethan was beaming like he was going to his first day at Harvard. So many neighbors and kids and sibs migrated up our street that it felt more like trick or treating.

walking with friends to his new school

kola leads the parade, hauling the supply kit

next to patrick, in front of his teacher, and 7 small steps away from kindergarten!


Dr. Mommy said...

Congratulations Ethan on your first day at kindergarden. You will have to come down and tell jackson all about it.


mare said...

Yes, it was a very fun weekend!
And good luck to you, Ethan, this year at school! Cindy says hi. She had sooo much fun with you at the beach!
Mary Jane