Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our holidays A to Z

A is for All the dear friends we've seen - from as far Away as Singpore, to points in between. Many near to our hearts, we've long-time Adored. And lucky for us, some are right next door.

B is for Babysitters, who helped us attend evening parties! They're always nice and luckily never tardy.

C is for Cookies, the types there are many. I had a few, the kids they had plenty.

D is for Double Decker trains, Doubling the fun!

E is for Ethan Exploring presents, Each and Every one.

F is for Firetruck - santa brought the perfect gift for Kola, what luck;)

G is for Graduation at the Gymnastics center, Great teachers Great tricks. Both boys made it, but only got one pic.

H is for High school, the reunion party was fun. Thanks to Dave and Karen for Hosting everyone. (and the fire department for responding to the excessive fireplace smoke.)

H is also for Hannukah, where we learned of driedels and light with good friends at twilight.

I is for the ice storm that came barreling our way and provided us a jammyfest after Christmas day.

J is for Junket - let's load up the car. With food and presents and a 20-minute snooze, it's not far.

K is for Kola the Kooky Kook in his fancy tall hat. You want fries with that??

L is for Lights - I hung them up high. A few burnt out, so some extras I'll buy.

M is for the Memories from years so long ago. Dad played Ramsey Lewis Christmas - once on vinyl, don'tchaknow.

N is for our Nutcracker and Nativity set, I'm so glad to they're on display. We carried them home from Germany, though no customs fees were paid.

O is for the Ornament-making we whizzed through in Kola's class. Ethan and Alyssa made some later, at age 5 they're not as fast.

P is for Pictures on all our friends' greetings. We love to see the kids grow up now I know time is fleeting.

Q is for evening Quiet as I strolled down our street - the holiday lights were glistening a winter wonder treat.

R is for Rain, today flooding the plain. I need to mop the basement since we don't have a drain.

S is for Sleep - fast and sometimes deep. Dreamt of my new red sweater and where did I put that receipt??

T is for Tree with ornaments some homemade, some bought. When Kola brushes past the tree his pjs often get caught.

U is for Unique and thoughtful gifts, some white elephant some not, we had some laughs and thank yous, too - makes the shopping and wrapping a pleasure to do.

V is for the Voices at my niece and nephew's show at church. They were loud and proud and practiced hard we got there early to find our perch.

W is for Wonderment, I see it in their eyes. Reindeer food, santa letters, all a fun surprise.

X is for the x box, I have no idea what it is. Someday I'm sure I'll see it all, but they're still little kids.

Y is for You for keeping close in touch. The cards and holiday letters, it's never ever too much;)


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