Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Under construction - (updated)

One less tooth to brush!

Lost in a sandwich, but found...1/25/09

Our kitchen re-do, complete with a new "handy gate system"

And now they are four and six.

Would you like dirt or pavement?

Alright already, cut the cake!

Kola wrapped up in a favorite gift.

Having the boyz birthdays a few weeks apart is great for gift and party sharing, but as I'm such a "celebrator" I realize that we've had a steady string of HBDs from early January through mid-February. We celebrated with two schools, 2 families x 2, neighbors and friends in various ways. So much so, that Kola regularly wears his birthday crown around the house singing "HBD to me." Now, he claims to be 10. And rightfully so. Which isn't just a tally of his celebrations, but also clocking time toward his goal of driving a firetruck. Kola also wants to be a girl, Sara in particular, so that won't get in his way - his previous aspiration was to be a raccoon, but in our state, they can't get driver's licenses (well, at least since the bribes to drive scandal got "cleaned up.")

The boys loved the presents, cake, and socializing. Ethan's favorite gifts, although when asked he says "all," seem to be the CTA t-shirt he took off once in two weeks so I could wash it in the bathtub (flat, to ensure the map doesn't peel off), and the Transit Maps of the World book. He also received pocket train maps of the Athens, Greece and Moscow train systems, from our neighbor who travelled there. Ethan has them protected in slipcovers in his train systems binder.

Kola loves his new rescue helicopter/police boat set and I can't tell you how in debt we are from the tickets we're receiving from those two enforcement vehicles. You also see above the new blanket he snuggles with every night - Aunt Lisa MADE it - a beautiful vehicles quilt, so he can sleep with vehicles all night long, without a scratch.

All-in-all it was a great haul, and a great time had by all! xo b/s/e/k

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