Friday, March 6, 2009

Last days of lock down

Yummy Construction

Origami, Cats and Dogs

Mardi Party, German Style



kola expressing his sunny side

once known as serious tower, by ethan

The weather today broke like a fever, and it seems we've made it through winter without going crazy. Though, you might be a better judge of that than we are. These past few weeks, the boyz have been hesitant to go outside - a little finicky for the right conditions, like groundhogs who just aren't ready yet. I guess there was still a bit of a to-do list, including the gingerbread house we didn't get to before Christmas, art and train constructions, down days watching videos with their "friends"...Making the most of the great indoors before their attention is shifted outdoors.

Our train layouts were refreshed with some of the boyz birthday cash and a few toys they sold on craigslist. They took their $80 booty to the hobby shop and bought a Metra set and a freight engine. If they could, the boys would set up a gift registry there - they're already planning their Christmas wish list with more double decker passenger cars and CTA cars. For now, this is the first step on Ethan's career path, which he most recently reported as a train map maker, a train driver, and a train announcer. I think all that cross-"training" will ensure job security.

I also had the pleasure to visit Ethan's school to guide the kids in Art Appreciation - origami. It was such fun to be with his class and see the kids' discoveries from one fold to the next.

We met with Kola's teacher this week for his first conference, and it was such a pleasure to hear how well he's doing, writing his letters, being a good friend and listener, and making new discoveries. The teacher thinks he's beyond caught up for his age, and by the end of the meeting, I hadn't heard anything negative. One thing he can work on is sticking to one thing (puzzles, paintings, but no problem with cars or trains) a little longer, which she guesses will build with maturity. We're very proud of him for such a great report.

As the boyz get older and my focus shifts away from constant safety patrol, I'm noticing more things around me (I've heard this referred to as coming out of the toddler fog - or is it my new progressive lenses??) Today, after a year and a half, I found that the blog has spell check. Now I need to see if I have the capacity to remember to use it. I also noticed that our water heater doesn't have the insulated wrap we put on in previous houses. things that make ya go hmmmm....xo b/s/e/k

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