Tuesday, April 21, 2009

spring colors

X-treme coordination

The hunt

Easter booty

note the Blue Jay on G'pa's lap

orange and blue scrimmage



We (especially Kola, my friend Kelly and I) were pretty excited to attend a free Illini scrimmage a couple weeks ago. It was a little chilly and hard to follow a non-continuous game, but it was interesting to see the team work on plays and Kola liked the tackles and the helmets. I figured my old boda was encrusted with peppermint schnapps, so i didn't bother unearthing it from the basement. The hot starbucks coffee kept me just as warm;)

On the topic of sports, I am thrilled to be a t-ball mom. I've been hooting and hollering at practices, you'd think it was a late september Cubs game (in a good year.) Ethan is a rookie on the blue jays, and since one started nesting in our yard a few days before we got our uniform, ethan was pretty jazzed about the pick. His favorite position seems to be catcher. He has a predictable area he can manage (see organization - top photo) and places the ball on the "T" before each play. What he really wanted to be was manager, but since his baseball resume is a bit light, this is the next best thing. He hangs back with the umpire, who holds the batter's bat for safety while Ethan ducks in and out. He doesn't wear a facemask, but he does get to wear the helmet. Since we've only had one game, there's been no play at the plate, but he did get three doubles his 1st time out. All would have been singles but for overthrows at first base. Another highlight for him is snack time - far better "goodies" than we have at home. Kola also gets some of the stash and a playdate with one of the player's 2nd grade sisters. Last week they were climbing trees;) Let me know if you're in the neighborhood and I'll send you a schedule! More photos to come, no doubt.

I'd be remiss if I didn't detail the top photo - where Ethan is lining up Metra schedules to match the Trouble board while wearing his CTA t-shirt. Trains continue to be an area of interest, which was pursued this week as we followed my brother's family's travels throughout Europe. He sent us emails of which cities they were visiting and we were able to study the Amsterdam trolley, bridges across Luxembourg, trains along the Rhine, and canal boats/ferries in a few of the cities. Such fun for both of us to travel vicariously - a few nights Ethan was carried way enough to skip Wheel of Fortune!

happy springing - more soon;)

xo b/s/e/k

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