Friday, May 15, 2009

new life!

pennies from head'in


pad tie

kids, carp, and chihuly

a field of jewels

expecting an arrival

welcoming committee

our newest neighbors

We're all anxious for spring to settle in and lead us into summer. We've traded in the cords, boots, and down-filled outerwear for shorts, sandals, and light coats. No matter that most days barely achieve mid-60's. We'd rather shiver and huddle than take a step back towards winter. We've had our share of rainy days so we enjoyed spring infusion at the conservatory. There are more face and finger prints on the windows in the house as we watch new flowers come and go, nesting robins and jays, and new baby bunnies hurdle the tall grass in the yard.

Also new and exciting are our new neighbors across the street - twin 5 1/2-month-old boys adopted from Ethiopia. It brought up all kinds of memories for me, some aspects of our adventure I haven't thought about in quite a while. We look forward to getting to know these little guys!!

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