Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just press >play

Breakfast guest

Take a bow

On the first day, we lost count at 147 (number of times Kola used the words jet ski)

Our guide and cap'n

Lap 2

Not wet...yet

Cracking the whip

All in

Thanking our lucky stars (about :45 minutes early)

We're fresh from one of our favorite annual summer traditions - a visit to Lori/Werner/Adriane's Michigan cottage. From tubing to raft diving, and cocktails to campfires, it's the quintessential getaway weekend. The boys squealed as we pulled in the driveway next to the boat trailer, and I squealed and held on for dear life as Lori drove our age on the jet ski. Highlights included great conversations, DJ'ing (by Werner), baby turtles, fresh summer produce, boat cruises, swim lessons, a great blue heron on the swim platform, and a deep, rich sky teeming with stars.

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