Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hoosier buddy

racing on an elevated track at the Indy 500

It was kola's turn to hit the road with "mamma." And luckily, our trip was wide open all the way to Indy. I thought I made record time in just under three hours, until our visit to the speedway where I learned time trials exceed 230 MPH. The good news there was that Kola and I were able to do a little shopping.

my mother's day present, 2025

Our real reason for the trip to Indy was so see former neighbors and still friends Laura, Pat, Colin, Brendan and Caroline. It was terrific to see them again, and pick up where we left off.

kola, are you having fun yet?

A special treat

big dipper

little dipper

The time whizzed by - I loved catching up with everyone and extra time out with Laura, for cocktails or coffee. Other highlights were kola finding his feminine side playing dress-up, my time swimming and diving with Brendan, tracking Colin's progress during baseball tryouts, watching Caroline's soccer game, and a dinner party with Laura and Pat's friends. It's always such a joy to spend time with their family and we look forward to going back soon. As we drove away, Kola fought back the tears and said, "mamma, I feel sad. I'll miss Caroline." So today we wrote a letter: "Hi Caroline. Thank you. Happy Valentines Day. Love, Kola."


first day, first glimpse of his teacher

On his first day of school, Ethan woke up at 6:15 ready to seize the day. He's been increasingly excited about the start of school, looking up his teacher in the yearbook, studying his class list (he knows about 8 of the 22 kids), and savoring every nugget of info. I solicit from other families about his teacher and 1st grade. Although Kola continues his campaign to petition his way out of preschool and into grade school, he was equally as excited on Ethan's first day. Upon pick-up, Kola wore his John Deere hat and carried one for Ethan to wear home, too. He missed his buddy, and had his face smashed up against the school door, eager to see his brother.

Ethan was a font of details after his first and second days, uncharacteristically chatty about things like: the "no nut" table in the cafeteria, that he could choose from "cow milk or chocolate milk," that his teacher is the 2nd tallest in his school, that Zane had trouble opening his supply kit, describing his classroom which features stairs and a pit (if it had a ramp, he surmised, the kids would walk into class too fast), that his desk can open and close...I'm very excited to share in his new discoveries and contagious enthusiasm. A few parents on the playground noticed Ethan's bleached hair from our summer beaching and his growth spurt - it should be worth a few laughs to try on pants soon, since he hasn't worn any since May. Good thing capris are still in!

Kola starts at his school in earnest next week, and is definitely ready to be an upper classman. Shortly into his one-hour open house Wednesday a.m., he made his case for needing to be bumped up to Ethan's school, but seeing old friends and his teacher from last year reminded him of how much he likes his home away from home. The teacher had Kola showing a couple three-year-olds the ropes including the bathroom, meeting room, and reading loft, and he eagerly stepped into his new role as a leader. We're off to the races with soccer and gymnastics, art and french to follow soon. Thanks for checking in! xo bb

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