Friday, October 23, 2009

In tents

Jim, constructing his haunted man...

Glorious, Cihlas' acres

Ready to be a-mazed

Brent's spooky storytelling

Bountiful fall harvest

Me-n-E, self portrait

Nothing like a trip to Michigan to fully embrace Fall. Ethan and I hit the road for an October weekend, inspired by my high school friend's annual camping extravaganza. Dave does it up with a maze - a swath he cuts through a few acres of prairie; a carefully orchestrated haunted trail, complete with music, push lights, and a cemetery; a karaoke barn; candy barn; cook out; and camping. Storytelling around the campfire, shadow theater, a burning effigy, and great times with "old" friends are just a few of the treasures that bring me back each year. Driving to the hotel through the countryside on a moonless night might be just enough to get me to pitch a tent next year, but the 35 degree overnight dip and a 6-year old made me think better of it for this time.
I missed the Sunday a.m. rehash and late night shenanigans, but got an even trade with a 3-hour morning hike through the dunes and long walk along the lake, plus a visit to Dinges farms - a favorite local hangout. We returned home with a harvest of pumpkins, concord grapes, squash, mums, acorns, fresh air and smiles. A nod to thanksgiving, so thankful for that peaceful, introspective weekend! xo bb.

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