Thursday, September 10, 2009

And they're off...

First day of tackle

A winner, score notwithstanding

It's been off to the races with the beginning of school. I usually keep our schedule in my head, but the past couple weeks, I'm referring to the back-up paper version at least twice a day. It's great to have a community of parents here looking out for each other - somehow we all manage to extend a hand before something falls through the cracks. The first example was the one out of six surveyed first grade kids who admitted to having homework on day two. The news spread like wildfire so we all managed to get it done.

My nephew and godson has started high school and we were all very happy to attend his first football game. He's played flag in the past, so when I showed up at the stadium the morning of his first game and I saw the cross country team circling the track, I asked someone in the stands if this was the right location for Frosh flag football. "This is the right place, but it's tackle, not flag." Kola was ecstatic - Andrew trotted onto the field sporting full pads and a helmet! Kola has since played football with Andrew and gets a good view of the turf on each play - he's happy to spring back up to try to bring down almost 130#s the next time. His persistence and sausage intake will pay off sooner than we think.

Simply perfecta in the box seats at Arlington

Both are smaller than I thought

Bet on 3 races, only lost $2.20

Behind the scenes at Arlington Race track

Mr. Ed and friends

Feeding a peppermint treat

Feeling the horse twitching

"mamma, I look like a snowboarder!"

Another big hit was our trip to the track for family day - including pony rides, a petting zoo, bets on the races, and a behind-the-scenes tour. My mom's friend since college (and mine since birth!) is a part owner of horses that race at Arlington. She gave us a grand tour of the box seats, owner's room, and stables where the horses who might race there are kept. Ever since, Kola begs for piggyback rides so he can practice being a "jockey." I think that's one career which will soon be eliminated for both our "little" guys. xo bb

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