Friday, May 16, 2008

a baby bird-in

robin's nest view from ethan's window

our friendly menards manager (note the donahues' garage remote)

we love to keep in touch! (4 of the boyz phones not pictured)

shelley suggested i chronicle an exciting development in our back yard: robins nesting in our lilac tree - if you look really closely, maybe you can see the first little blue egg in the picture. and i got to thinking what a great metaphor this is for kola's first anniversary. it will be fun for me to track how these dates all match up. looking back at the start of the blog, i see we first met kola a year ago tomorrow! it's so hard to believe it's just about time for me to write our annual report to the embassy in ukraine. sig said i should just send them the blog:) it will be interesting to see what this report entails. luckily, there is no shortage of photos to choose from!! would it be funny or prompt a visit from dcfs if i sent the pic of kola eating the wrapped package of sausage? it's been fun for me to look back in the blog to look at our first meetings together. more reflections soon. feel free to add your own! xo b/s/e/k

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