Wednesday, May 7, 2008

mommy i'm pedalling myself...faster, faster!

ethan's treasured key and remote collection

thanks cousin andrew f for passing along kola's new bike:)

with help and instruction from ethan, kola is now pedalling and driving around woodbine. we all made it around the block the other day, and kola was grinning and giggling all the way. do you think wrapping him in bubble wrap would be too cruel this summer? hee hee. ethan has a cupholder and bell as his bike accessories and kola needs an ice pack holder. i've already had to fish him out of a rose bush in the garden and our of the tulip divet in bill's driveway. he always jumps right back on to make sure i don't suggest he take a break. as shelley says, what determination! ethan is very proud of having helped teach kola and is glad to have a pedalling buddy. i think the neighbors on woodbine will see these guys whizzing by their porches on a daily basis. we already have the keys and orange cones, now i need to check ebay for a set of racing flags! xo b/s/ek

p.s. happy friday aunt lisa...a regular customer with her weekly check-in:)

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