Wednesday, May 21, 2008


i tried to take these pics exactly a year apart, and in terms of our robin charting, the first baby was born a year to the day i signed the exit papers at the ukraine embassy. today, i need to complete our "annual report on the development of adopted child" and submit it along with pics to the consulate general of ukraine in chicago. luckily, the report does not ask how many time outs the child has received or how many pounds of whoppers and peeps he's eaten, and i'm disappointed it does not test him on his knowledge of "thomas" characters, types of trucks and trains (and the trick question: how is a hopper different from a boxcar?), or breadth and depth of potty vocab. the report does ask open-ended questions about general development, skill acquisition, achievements (ha - that's where i can slide those in!), motor and language skills, personality, relationships, and emotional development. i'll post a few highlights:) more soon, b

p.s. i guess i subconciously dressed kola in the national colors of ukraine for his "1-year" pic!!

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