Friday, May 11, 2007

caves and cafes

With a day off yesterday, we went to visit an old monastery in Kiev with catacombs reputed to have unenbalmed yet well preserved saints. The caves are small with passages just under 2 meters tall and 60 cm wide (6’x2’). The site draws many devout and tourists alike. Here is a notable example of their interaction. We happened upon the bearded lady who seemed to be admonishing a couple for improperly genuflecting at the holy site. Turns out the long haired blond in the pair was also a man. It seemed like a scene Monty Python would have depicted.

Anyway, still keeping our fingers crossed that Monday or Tuesday we will meet again with government to see some kids.

(Beth here) wanted to wish Julie F happy birthday today! Hope it’s fun:) and also happy b-day to lynlee on Saturday! we’re heading out soon for our daily cup of coffee – our apt. does not have a coffeemaker and although we have yet to find a plain old cup of coffee, we’re having a lot of fun trying! I thought I found one yesterday – listed as coffee with cream on the engleeskee menu, but alas it was a generous cup of espresso with a side of steaming cream. Oh so yummy. We’ve also tried lattee, mocha, Americano, in several of the many coffeehouses and cafes. There doesn’t seem to be such a thing as a to-go cup. I have yet to see someone walking along the street with a cup of anything in their hand. The coffee is good, strong, and not bitter, and the daily routine of sitting in a cafй pouring over a travel book and planning our route certainly seems like a nice luxury.

More soon! xo bb (p.s. looooved the comments. glad you're out there:)


cara said...

Hi, from SD. I was sent your link from Laura Kennedy in chicago. We met Laura in Kiev in 2005 when we were adopting too. It took us 10 weeks but we came home with a very busy 2 yr old boy.
Anyway, for your coffee situation. Try buying the little packets of NES CAFE'. They are about 2-3 inches long and thin. You dump it in hot water. My husband loved them. Good luck on your next appointment. Cara

markf said...

Greetings from the Fialkowskis. We've enjoyed reading your blog and viewing the pictures. Glad the trip is going well and we look forward to the report on your next visit!

All is well here. Ethan had fun at Lincoln Park Zoo on Monday w/ Julie and Jenny and we'll celebrate Julie's Birthday tonight.

Loved the picture of Jennyfer's. Take care - Mark

Laura Kofoid said...

Been checking every day. I would be storming the government agency by now screaming "give me my baby!" But, then, it would create an international incident and I'd go home I think you're taking a much better approach. Glad you're enjoying all that Kiev has to offer. I really wonder how you're feeling...what thoughts go through your heads? It must be sort of surreal. it's certainly a better labor story than, "I had contractions for 24 hours before I dilated 6 centimeters..." Not to mention the stories you'll hold over this kid's head; "What do you mean you flunked algebra? I spent six God-forsaken weeks in Kiev without a decent cup of coffee and this is the thanks I get?" Can't wait until Monday or Tuesday:) Laura

cathy said...

I finally figured out how to respond on a blog. I've been following your journey with great anticipation, admiring your calm approach and enjoying your stories, especially the coffee one. Just wanted you to know that I think of you daily and am already so happy for you and your future son. He's out there! Thank you for keeping us posted.


Sue Anzaldi said...

Beth and Sig- Thanks for the posts. It's so nice to follow along. I especially like the coffee motif; it seems a metaphor for the bigger search. And I'm so glad you're finding joy in what must be a nerve-wracking experience. It seems a most beautiful place. just wanted you to know we're thinking of you - love and luck- Sue (mike, grace and louise!)

kcflemming said...

Dear Beth,
Happy Mother's Day... and Sig, "Happy Father's Day" early. I am in awe of this experience... and we are missing you on the block. But that's OK- we'll see you all SOON in the grand scheme of things. Let me tell you that since the weather has been nice, things have not been the same at the north end of the block. We miss you. Wishing you all well- happy, positive energy...
The Flemmings
Kelly, Peter, Carson & Quinn