Wednesday, May 9, 2007


thanks shari and shelley for the comments! it's great to hear from home. we opened a photo album on snapfish - it has pics of our touring of kiev. go to and log in as and type in ukraine as the login password. i'm thinking two people might not be able to use it at the same time, so if it doesn't work, try again! more soon, xo beth and sig.


Lisa Burdin said...

The photos you posted are nice. I hope your next appointment goes well. Steve and I are doing fine. Just a few more days and all the students will head home. I like campus when it's quiet. :D

Laura and Chris Kennedy said...

Beth, great to hear from you! Keep your chin up! We will be following your journey and hope the best for you!!! Oh there is a great Irish Pub that has good fries and beer. The manager had lived in Chicago for awhile.....
take care
Laura and Chris

Nessie309 said...

Hi Beth & Sig

Isn't it fun to be in a beautiful country like Ukraine - the photos are great - nice architecture - but I'm sure you are seeing some not so pretty sites too as some areas are rather poor.

Do take lots and lots of pics as your adopted child will in the future want to see his homeland.

It is an amazing adventure for you filled with anxiety and joy I'm sure - do soak it up. Sorry the first referal didn't work for you but it will be a good background for you to move forward with.

As Shelly has said - your house is still there and appears to be sound - although the first night that I saw the ghostly light go on - I was somewhat apprehensive.

Great reading your blog and I hope you find time to keep filling it up - you need to use it as a journal I'm a great believer in keeping 'holiday journals' so that you can look back on them and recall the little things - like the spelling of Jennyfer in the signage and the McDonalds banner hanging out there - I see in picture 1081 they were expecting you and put up the Christmas lights to greet you... ;>)

Hope you are more succesful with your next referal and manage to find the little rascal you seek!

Best wishes for a safe and happy journey

James said...

(James's mom, actually...)

It's been fun to catch up on your Excellent Adventures. This must be the strangest, most wonderful adventure you've been on yet! It does seem like the process of adoption if often a bumpy ride, with a few false turns here and there. But the destination is worth it.

You go!!

Liz Kenney