Thursday, May 17, 2007

it's a boy!

what a difference a day makes. it's been a whirlwind 24 hours -- we made it to the orphanage with our in-country doctor in tow. after a local stop for paperwork, we went to the orphanage and met with the director who had an inch+ thick file waiting for us which she reviewed and answered our questions from. i'm sure we'll tell you more in the coming days, but he's in good health, and actually right on target on the growth curve. he was evaluated by our dr. using the denver test and was on target developmentally in every area but language he's a little behind on. usually at this age, kids are expected to be 6 months delayed in every category, so this is all very good news. he has one what they call minor correctable health issue which is moderately crossed eyes, which they felt will be easily repaired with short term glasses or minor surgery.

the first thing i noticed about him is that he's really sweet and very focused and patient when he plays. when we took him out to the playground, he was facinated with cars (machina! machina!). but he didn't want to go in ours. he has a good amount of stranger anxiety, but not too much, and is friendly with the other kids in the group. we have a lot more info about him from this 3 hour appt/visit, but i don't want to bore you with all those details. the orphanage is bright, cheerful, and we saw lots of middle aged women (50s? my definition keeps moving up!) who were very attentive caretakers to the kids. there were a lot of sweetie pies there. we're having indepenent lab tests done just to confirm what's already in his file and if those all come out negative (hiv, etc.) then he'll be coming home with us! we're started the paperwork already. more soon! xo bb


labquilter said...

Wow! That was very fast. He is adorable. I'm sure Ethan will enjoy having a brother and playmate. I hope everthing turns out well and we'll see you soon.

Nessie309 said...

Good Luck Guys... He looks great... that will be two kids wanting to use my car keys to play with the locks etc...! Lol..

At least he's house trained - not like the two pups we have here waiting to greet you back... They keep slipping into your yard already!

Loved the Beeswax story... But you'd have the same language issues in Glasgow - LoL

Best wishes from Karen and I - Hope you have a safe journey home with the little guy - We'll be waiting to greet you... and Ethan of course.


Hillary said...

oh hooray! What a cutie! I'm so excited for you guys.

Victoria said...

Dear Beth and Sig, I can't get through on the phone to either you or Roma, and just in case I won't have any luck in half an hour, just wanted to say congratulations, he is adorable, and wishing everything else goes smoothly for you from now on :)

Mary said...

Beth and Sig: Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us. We are thrilled for the whole Burdin family and will continue hoping that things move along "as they should". All of Woodbine (and those of us not really on Woodbine) will look forward to meeting your new son! Мир и удача (Peace and good fortune, I think) Mary Fitz & family

Christine said...

We are so happy for you! and him! and Ethan! Keep writing - we're hanging on your every well-written word!
Christine & Joe

Shelley Uhler said...

On behalf of Ethan--how do you say "vehicle" in Ukranian? See, they have something in common already!!!

Cannot tell you how happy the Woodbine grapevine is. All fingers, toes, & assorted extremities (don't ask) are crossed. Hey, give our best to the Babushka Magnet too!

Laura Kofoid said...

OOOH! He's adorable...what a wonderful, magic day. You knew the miracle of child birth, and now you know the miracle of adoption. A little boy born of your soul. I hope it keeps going so well.


Mike Moran said...

Congratulations! It's a boy! How great!

Beyond that, words fail me. Maybe i'll try some blank space.

That doesn't do it either. Can't wait for the next post!

Straube's said...

so happy for you! I was at Jen's this afternoon and Laura stopped over and shared the news from Shelley - couldn't wait to have time to get on line to read/view the blog updates! Adriane got to see Ethan Tues. at Ginger's - she was so excited to see him (per Laura) and we can't wait to see you all when you get back to OP!
Love and best wished from the Straube's

cathy said...

Awww. He's so sweet, and he looks like he fits right in with your family. With Ethan's interest in car keys and his interest in cars, they sound like they'll be great companions. I'm very happy and hopeful for you.


Barry said...

What a beautiful child with deep, soulful eyes. Now, wrap him up and bring him home. Hopefully, he'll be able to meet his Russian friends from Boston very soon. Miss you all.