Tuesday, May 8, 2007

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Sorry for the delay in this post, but I was waiting for more info so I could give you a complete story. We had our monday morning appointment at the SDA (state dept. of adoptions) and after waiting nervously outside for about the longest 45 minutes I’ve ever known, we were shown in to meet with our SDA-provided translator and their psychologist. The two women were very nice, patient listeners and did not rush us during the appt. After reviewing who we were, what we were looking for and overviewing the process, they went through 8 files of boys with us, ages 1.5-3 and mostly 2-3. We asked several follow up questions on the ones that seemed most promising for us and sig and I both felt it came down to two. After asking more follow up questions, we chose one file and the SDA wrote down that child’s name, b-day, and orphanage location – 3 hours west of kiev by car (toward Poland.) When we exited the appt., our facilitator alex was waiting for us – he looked at our slip of paper and we gave him some of the details of our appt.

The SDA was to give us our referral paperwork on tues. around 4 and we would probably travel on wed. (holiday permitting) to visit the orphanage and get more info from the director/dr. there. But within about 20 minutes of the appointment, alex had made contact with the orphanage to get additional information – he found some preliminary red flags and spent the next few hours following up on that and waiting for answers. By tues. am (today) we were all in agreement to pass on this referral and wait a few days for a next appointment to review a new group of referrals.

We weren’t really heartbroken after this appt. and are more hopeful for the next one, which alex is working on as we type. It was actually helpful and eye opening to have our first appt. behind us, but I do hope the next appt. is not too far off. In the meantime, kiev continues to offer so much to see and do and eat!! Today is sunny and in the upper 60’s and we hope the victory day parade will happen tomorrow. Although there are no demonstrations now, not even congregating, there’s talk that they might skip the parade this year. It commemorates the end of WWII and is I guess a military-style parade with tanks, flags, and marching soldiers.
The next few days we’ll probably post more views than news, but keep up the good thoughts for our next appointment and successful return:) xo beth & sig

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Barry Greenwald said...

Following your travels and keeping our thoughts with you. Sounds like you're having a great time and making friends. That's the best part of travel. Can't wait to hear your news. Hope your next visit with the state goes well. We miss you.