Friday, May 25, 2007

have a cigar!

i know bill will, all others can be chocolate. today we went to court to formally adopt kola. after about a 15-minute standard interview by the judge and jury of two (one is kola's teacher), the court decided they would grant us permission to be kola's parents.

next is a 10-day waiting period which sig is going to stay for. today was a busy day with court, two visits with kola, and paperwork in between. Roman and i have arranged for our transport back to kiev, an apt for me for monday nite, my embassy appt. early tues. morning where i sign a couple official adoption documents which they'll hold onto for sig to complete before he leaves. tues. afternoon is my flight with an overnite in vienna and home wed late afternoon. neighbors can expect me to be bleary-eyed - i'm sure i'll be following ethan's bedtime for a few days! Tomorrow is my last visit with kola before he comes home. amazing. i'll miss the other parents and kids (esp. mariano, kola's best friend) and kola's teacher who always has a smile and tries her best english with us. a german couple arrived yesterday - they're from near cologne. sig was chatting it up with them in german, so maybe they'll hook up for dinner a time or two while i'm gone.

mary - hadn't heard about the riot, but all we can understand is BBC news and Deutche TV's english broadcast. we're pretty much up on western 2 sets of coverage from hollywood - one on star wars 30th ann. and one on the pirates of the caribbean ride? in disney. i'll have to ask roman if he's heard anything about ukraine! I'll post once or twice b4 i leave. the Internet cafe has A/C. i think it's in the 90's today and for the next few and very few places have A/C. I told roman, since the computers are .80 cents USD per hour, it would be a great deal to pay for 8 hours so we can sleep here! the video gamers would probably make that hard tho!

more soon! бет + сiг


Barry said...

Mazel Tov! So glad the court process went easily and well. Bring home some caviar. You're not the only one addicted. Jeff and Susie are safely in Russia and have had their first meeting with the "mishkas" who have turned into bruisers since last we saw them--they're walking and potty trained. Their court date is 5/30 and the judge is reported to be brutal to Americans. The pictures they forwarded show two absolutely gleeful parents-to-be and two wonderful boys. Its getting harder and harder to wait for the latest imports from Ukraine and Russia. May you know nothing but happiness from your new son.

Shelley Uhler said...

HURRAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Eagerly waiting all the far-flung (including Ethan's) return. Shelley

Shelley Uhler said...

P.S. Can you pls continue to write your blog after you return so there's something kind & gentle & upbeat I can regularly read? Shelley

Laura Kofoid said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, SIG, KOLA AND ETHAN! Birth is a miracle of God. Adoption is a miracle in the hands of so many good people. I'm so happy for you all and can't wait to meet that little muffin!!

Barry said...

This is from Marge.
Hi Beth and Sig. Kola is beautiful! I can't believe you are thru the process already. I'm thrilled for you.
Give a big hug for us to Ethan's little brother.

Akyte said...