Sunday, May 6, 2007

day dva (2) beth adeen (1) sig

square in front of st. sophia

st. sophia

st. sophia

old city gate, entrance to kyiv

walked around a lot yesterday and am thankful for the central location - altho i came in knowing how to ask for a bathroom, i think most of them are in restaurants and you need to buy something to use them. so about every 2 hours i'd stop back in the apt. - there's a 'babushka' (their word) who mans the door in a little office and at first when i went in and out a few times i think she gave me the fish eye, but now she's used to my frequent visits.

altho kiev has around 5 million people, sig and the facilitator, Alex, found me by chance on the way back from the airport - i was standing in a square in front of st. sophia's church 2 blks from the apt. boy, Alex is good! sig's here, a little jet lagged but not too tired to have figured out by glancing at the computer (all instructions in russian remember) and figure out how to hook up the camera.

i visited the most amazing church today - dates back over 1,000 years. and people are very patient with my sparse russian. went to a nice coffee cafe for lunch - espresso and a very tasty chocolate torte cake - gave me a lot of energy to buzz around the city.

happy 1st communion jen F! wish we could be there!

tomorrow is our appt. and i'm nervous!! sig and i are going to walk around now and let kiev distract us...looking forward to a ukrainian dinner:)


Shelley Uhler said...

Happy to hear that Sig arrived safely. Your house is still here (Sun. p.m.) Bill appears to be replacing some portions of fence. I believe the 2 new puppies will be here by the time you and Shelley arrive back here. I don't know who was happier to see each other yesterday--Ethan to see your dad, or your dad to see Ethan. (Sig looked a little sad.) I asked Ethan if he had any planets for me to water. He asked that I water his planets in the front lawn-the ivy/ground cover around the tree, but not to "step on anything." Then he showed me how to do that. I will do my best. Haley at United Center ice show and Steph doing CROP walk for hunger today. All are well. Everything A-OK. Will keep you posted!!!

Shari said...

Beth and Sig -

Must be such an adventure, congrats on finding each other! I hope today went well. Really look forward to seeing photos! We had an au pair from Kiev and she showed us some pictures last year. Looks like an interesting place! If you are still ordering things in threes, hopefully yesterday (Sunday) it was vodka!

Best of luck - look forward to hearing more!

Shari Heilala

p.s. The house progresses, I think today they built half a front step :)