Tuesday, May 15, 2007

lots of views...some news

lets us eat cake

military and dignitary

our rooms with a view

heels on the rocks

we have news that we'll have our 2nd appt. tomorrow. we'll post you when we can about the outsome of that. in the meantime, we’ve posted a new batch of photos. If they’re in order, the third is the view of the courtyard from our room. Other highlights: women walking confidently on golf-pencil wide 3” heels on kiev’s rocky streets. Short skirts and high heels are de riguer, making me an obvious tourist with either jeans or a looong skirt and almost invisible heels!

We’ve also explored the food markets, where I’ve been now able to cut out the middleman restaurant and stockpile my own supply of red caviar in our fridge in the apt. Sig has been a babushka magnet. You’ll see a picture of a woman who roped him at the market I think yelling to him – you want to taste this cake! – in Ukrainian. It was inarguably tasty and we took home a hefty piece. Also in this batch are pics from the WWII victory day parade – featuring military music and speakers. It was more about the people than munitions. On one of the jumbotron photos you’ll see president Vicktor Yushenko. A few of the picturesque monastery pics after the parade are from the caves sig wrote about the other day. We couldn’t take pics in the caves, it was very dark and we carried candles to see the mini churches, alters, and glass-encased saints in the tunnels under ground. Sig’s observation: boy, they were short. Mine: I keep thinking brent and gaye are going to jump out and yell boo! (and yes, brent we have found chicken kiev - but only twice on the menus. Have yet to find chicken chicago.)

See our new kiev photos: www.snapfish.com login as bethburdin@gmail.com password = Ukraine. If it didn’t work for you, wait a little while and try again – I think it can only be used one at a time. :)


markf said...

Good luck tommorrow - our thoughts and prayers are with you! We're looking forward to Ethan's visit - he has Andrew's baseball game and school play and Jenny's horseback riding show on his agenda. Take care - M, J, A & J Fialkowski

kelly said...

Beth Feebo you did it!!!I'm so proud of you and sorry I tried to talk you out of doing a blog. Excellent work! Stay safe and keep on keepin on. You'll be home soon with your little bundle of joy. Talk to you soon. Cheers, Dina in NZ